Show Boat

As promised, Buy Sell Montana agents love to share personal real estate adventure stories. Showing real estate in Montana is like no other market you can imagine. In one single day, a real estate agent could show a bare piece of land, a condo on the golf course, and a horse property.  You just have to be ready to present every possible property on any given day and be open to any situation.

On a July Sunday, Patrick and I were just getting our boat ready to take out onto Flathead Lake. We had everything we needed to enjoy a relaxing hot day on the water. As we were pulling out of the Woods Bay harbor, Patrick’s cell phone rang and a lady introduced herself and said her family would like to view a lakeside condo that he had listed about 30 miles away in Lakeside Montana. She went on to say they were only in town for the day and hoped it was OK to call at the last minute to see if a showing would be possible. Patrick told her it shouldn’t be a problem but that we were out on the lake for the day. He went on to say if she didn’t mind us showing up dressed pretty casually, we could easily boat over to the condo and meet her in about an hour. She laughed and said, we would just be happy if you could fit this in for us, we don’t care too much about how you are dressed.

As we opened up the boat and took off across Flathead Lake towards the Lakeside area, the thought occurred to me how flexible a Montana real estate agent needs to be. And how is it possible that we can be so lucky as to wrap up work and play at the same time to live and thrive in such an amazing place.

Thinking again about one of Patrick’s favorite sayings “it’s not really work when you are doing what you love” …. Lucky Us!

Laurie Pacheco, Marketing