A Steward of Real Estate

To be a great steward means to manage or look after others. Being an environmental steward requires knowledge of a man’s relation to land, animals, and the plants that grow upon it. And when it comes to being a good steward in Montana real estate, you must look after and manage the process for your clients to settle and do great business here.

To be a real estate agent that represents all parts of majestic Montana, there needs to be tremendous knowledge about the environment and the ability to look after all things that live here, including clients. Patrick is asked endless questions from many people wanting to relocate to Montana about wildlife, recreation, farming, ranching, and hunting. With many years of living and thriving here with his family, he is well-informed about protecting property rights, ranching and farming industries, hunting heritage, and wildlife resources. He truly enjoys educating his clients on the outdoor lifestyles of Montana.

If you were to ask Patrick “if you could live anywhere in the U.S.A. where would you live?” He would have the same answer every time….Montana! In fact, he loves to quote the line from the movie A River Runs Through It when Brad Pitt smiles and says “I’ll never leave Montana, Brother”. There is certainly something special about this place and for Patrick, it has morphed into really just becoming a great steward of Montana’s environment including land, animals, and vegetation, and anyone that desires to live here and respect all of it.

Laurie Pacheco, Marketing