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Laurie Pacheco

Laurie has an extensive background in marketing, merchandising, business management and has spent most of her professional life as a self-made entrepreneur. She has spent many years designing and creating advertising campaigns for products, services, companies and special events on a national level.

Laurie is responsible for Buy Sell Montana’s social media campaigns and content, website design and development, creative property descriptions, property staging and professional photo and video designs and productions and marketing content for real estate presentation packets.

Additionally, Laurie continues to stay extremely involved in the local community, where she believes that volunteer time, donations, and fund raising is important for support and exposure. As a past Chamber of Commerce President, she believes that close community involvement is a necessity for all businesses. Laurie is a native of Montana, born and raised on a large horse and cattle ranch, and currently resides with her family in the Flathead Valley.

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