What We Got Done in 2021

The real estate market in Montana last year was simply indescribable! 2021 served to be a selling season in Montana unlike any other that we have seen over the past 14 years. Montana had been discovered and this fast-paced real estate selling process was happening with our clients in every part of the state.

For our SELLERS:

Homes that were listed for sale would receive immediate requests for showings within minutes of hitting the market. It was typical to see multiple offers within days and many offers would come written by buyers to view the property AFTER their offer was accepted. Additionally, it was very uncommon to see an offer below the listed price. It was a new concept of selling because negotiating a price was no longer necessary.

Most offers were cash and or preapproved. Approval letters or proof of funds were often submitted along with offers.

Inspections and appraisal contingencies were no longer requested. And nonrefundable earnest money and quick closings were offered upon an accepted offer.

For our sellers, it was better to have a deadline for all multiple offers to be submitted. Then our sellers could review all offers and select the best one for their situation.

For our BUYERS:

To react as quickly as possible, virtual tours for showings became a common tool for our out-of-state buyers that could not get here fast enough to see a property in person.

Because properties for sale were moving so fast, it came down to where we would advise our buyers to bring their highest and best offer to start the process in order to even get considered.

Luckily, our team responded well to this new process. With three of us working hard and quickly with our sellers and out-of-state buyers, we were still able to keep our track record of the top-selling agents in the Clearwater Montana Properties Company for 2021. Call us if you need advice or just an update on what to expect for the upcoming year.

Remember, I Speak Real Estate!

Laurie Pacheco, Marketing

2019 Sports Afield Agent of the Year


Our Agent of the Year award celebrates and recognizes real estate agents/brokers who provide truly excellent client service, based primarily on customer satisfaction. Rather than being judged by top dollars earned or by industry peers, our awards are calculated based on verified reviews and feedback that customers provide following the close of a property. We believe that customer needs come first and they are a leading indicator of an agent’s success.

We are excited to share that the Sports Afield Trophy Property Agent of the Year is Patrick Pacheco of Clearwater Montana Properties. He received more than one excellent review from his customers. They wrote: “Patrick and his team are the absolute best. We have had multiple transactions with Clearwater and will go nowhere else!” Another client said, “He goes above and beyond.”

Patrick Pacheco is a broker for Clearwater’s Bigfork, Montana, office. Joining the company in 2009, he has consistently been a top producer for Clearwater Properties. In addition to his extensive sales experience and tremendous knowledge of current real estate markets, Pacheco believes in developing lifelong relationships with his clients. When it comes to selling or buying, he is a seasoned sales broker who possesses over 25 years of sales experience. He is best described as diligent and enthusiastic mixed with professionalism and knowledge, making the buying or selling experience secure and enjoyable. Pacheco attributes his overall success to his ambition to always be the best, to his dedicated business partner, and to Clearwater for giving him the support to “do what he was born to do…..sell a Montana lifestyle, as equally perfect as his own.” Clearwater Properties CEO, Kevin Wetherell, agreed that Pacheco’s unparalleled drive is a key factor of his success, adding “Patrick will absolutely not quit until he exhausts every possible opportunity to satisfy his client’s wishes.”

SATP recognizes Patrick as a person of high moral character showing great professionalism in the real estate industry. We are proud to have such an amazing Broker as we recognize him for his ability, commitment, and outstanding achievement.

Because of his dedication and focus, we just want to say congratulations to Patrick for providing the highest level of excellence to our customers!